Trying to choose between a traditional water heater with a storage tank and a tankless water heater is something you could face at some point. After all, water heaters are the gold standard for a reliable source of hot water. Because your plumbing fixtures and home appliances rely on this hot water, it’s always crucial to consider all your options carefully.

This useful guide from the local experts at Fire & Ice HVAC lays out tank and tankless water heaters. You’ll learn more about the unique aspects of their design in addition to some pros/cons of each one. These valuable insights will help you make an educated choice regarding your home's hot water needs. Once you’ve decided, give us a call for expert tank water heater installation.

Conventional Storage Tank Water Heaters: The Reliable Choice

Let's examine conventional storage tank water heaters first. That ample storage tank is the key feature here, holding onto an ample supply of water that’s always heated. As soon as you need hot water, a tank water heater can deliver it.


  • Budget-Friendly Installation: Tank water heaters will have smaller expenses for installation, thanks to their simpler design.
  • Simplified Upkeep: This simpler design also means fewer potential maintenance needs.


  • Continuous Energy Use: Tank water heaters have to keep water perpetually heated, which equals extra cost if you’re not constantly using that water.
  • Space Requirements: The tank itself could become a challenge in cramped spaces. If the property doesn’t have a basement or utility closet, installation can be a bit trickier.

Tankless Water Heaters: Efficient and Innovative

Now, let's explore tankless water heaters, an energy-efficient alternative that’s relatively modern. Distinct from tank models, tankless water heaters operate when needed. They’re generating hot water only when requested, using powerful heating elements as the water flows through the system.


  • Improved Energy Efficiency: Tankless models are much more energy efficient since they’re not constantly running.
  • A Smart, Resilient Design: With proper maintenance from a trained technician, tankless water heaters can boast a longer life span.


  • Bigger Price Tag Up Front: Initial installation costs are higher as a result of the more complex design.
  • More Frequent Maintenance: Tankless models may require more periodic maintenance to keep their important parts working efficiently.
  • Potential Need to Update Plumbing Infrastructure Updates: Older homes may not be ready for a tankless water heater. Plumbers can retrofit your plumbing to accommodate one, but it could add further costs to your installation project.

Deciding on Your Ideal Water Heater: Every Home Has Unique Needs

For most homes, we’d suggest going with the stronger energy efficiency that tankless water heaters can offer. But this may be dependent on factors such as how much hot water you use each day. You’ll want to think about your specific hot water needs before you make your selection.

  1. Typical Hot Water Use: Estimate how much hot water your household uses on average. As an example, big families who love the outdoors or have pets almost always need significantly more hot water than a single person living alone.
  2. Space for Installation: The layout of your home can impact how well a water heater operates. Check out potential installation locations and consult with professionals if your model is the right fit.
  3. Local Climate: Long winters mean a water heater that works harder. This reduces the efficiency of tankless models, which are most efficient when there won’t be any large fluctuations in water usage.
  4. Energy Prices: Your local fuel or electricity costs can make one option more enticing over the other.

Remember, a trained professional like those at Fire & Ice HVAC can aid you in making a more informed decision. They understand which makes and models meet your specific needs before delivering a smoother installation process.

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